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For many years now and particularly since the opening up of European borders, the pet trade has been involved in the sale of tortoises and turtles.

The vast majority of veterinarians and herpetologist will agree that these much misunderstood creatures are not ideally suited  as pets and can be a danger to children if proper precautions and guidelines are ignored.

The keeping of some captive bred tortoises and turtles is prohibited under CITES without the correct documentation. However many of the international rules are ignored, much to the detriment of these animals, not to mention the financial loss, disappointment and danger to their prospective owners and carers.

In certain circumstances Tortoise Helpline Ireland can re-home unwanted pets. But in all circumstances we can offer you practical advice on keeping your tortoise or turtle healthy. Naturally prevention is better than cure so why not give us a quick call before you purchase. All advice is offered entirely without obligation or charge.

THI does NOT offer veterinary advice. However if you require medical attention for your tortoise or turtle we would be happy to recommend a reputable veterinary expert. For medical assistance and expert care in the Dublin/Wicklow area THI recommends a visit to We have recommended this practice to many in the past and excellent results were achieved.

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